Visual Oudewater

Visitors immediately see what Oudewater citizens are always aware of: Oudewater has superb monumental houses and buildings, stepped gables, period streets and alleys and a remarkable marketplace. Wander around and marvel at the beauty Oudewater has on offer!

See Oudewater by city walk and from its museums

See Oudewater walking around, with a live or a paper guide. It is an experience, with such a lot of historic buildings, beautiful monuments, art and culture, typical churches and friendly museums. Among these, the museum ‘Heksenwaag’ (public scales) is pre-eminent.  Because who says ‘Oudewater’ says ‘witches’, witches’ scale and witches’ city of refuge. Oudewater has magic, sorcery and mystics. One may feel is, taste it and experience it walking around the city. Oudewater has lots more: a rope factory and a rope museum called ‘De Baanschuur’ and lots of reference to its rope industry. Oudewater fetters and fascinates. If you are interested in their themes, several nearby museums may be well worth a visit.

See Oudewater by Art

The page Art in Oudewater gives an overview of what can be seen in effigy and expressive arts. Oudewater offers an art walk with accompanying map and description, and an art bike ride with map and description. Visit galleries and art workshops in Oudewater, churches, monuments and more. For a deal, see the Tourist Information Point and enjoy ‘artistic’ Oudewater.

Epicurean city walk in Oudewater

Have your culinary city walk, named ‘Happen en Stappen’ (= Steps and Bites), a guided city walk from one restaurant to the next, for the various courses of your dinner. See more at the Steps and Bites page.

Oudewater in images – preview

Want to enjoy a private preview of Oudewaters’ arts? See the photos of Oudewaters’ most scenic views.
Still not satisfied? You’ll find several pleasing shots at: Discovering the city of Oudewater.