Monuments in Oudewater

Starting at one of the cosy terraces on the marketplace, one can already see a good choice of monumental buildings, nearly all of which are on the list of the national heritage. With 127 national monuments, Oudewater has its share when it comes to cultural heritage and history. Besides, Oudewater has another big number of registered local monuments. Walking in this historical place with city rights since 1265, most monuments date from the 17th century with lots of corrie steps, bell gables, dome and saddle roofs. Virtually without exception, the national monuments of Oudewater are well maintained and in regular use as homes of farmhouses.

The world-famous Heksenwaag: Oudewater’s top monument

Places of interest are the Old Catholic church (Leeuweringer street 12), the Great or St. Michael’s church (Noorder kerk street 1) with its saddle roof (very rare in the region), and the church of St. Francis (Kapellestraat 13) with its vicarage alongside.
Of Course, the world famous ‘Heksenwaag’ is a national monument. An application has been posted for inclusion in the Unesco world heritage register.  Next to these, Oudewater has a number of bridges registered as national heritage, like the market place, the Visbrug (fishmongers’ bridge) and the semicircular bridge. Even the central canal is a national monument.