Bibliotheek Oudewater

The library in Oudewater is located in the Civic Center  and Library under the GreenHeart. Theyprovide regional public libraries in seven offices in the region (Woerden, Harmelen, Kamerik, Zegveld, Oudewater, Montfoort and Linschoten).

Library Oudewater

During the opening hours can be borrowed and returned own material. There are magazines and newspapers available to read on site and can be made of the Internet usage. Hours are available on the website of the library .

The library Oudewater allows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website to renew materials, book and pay via PayPal.

The library is an information point of Oudewater Welfare Oudewater established, which is held weekly office hours of volunteer vacancies.

Exhibitions and activities

Library Oudewater regular exhibitions, workshops and other activities. These activities are reflected in our events calendar .