Well-known people from Oudewater

Well-known men from Oudewater in science

In the world of mathematics Rudolphus Snellius (Rudolf Snel) is well known as a 17th century mathematician and professor at Marburg university (Germany) and later also in Leiden

Jacobus van Wijk Roelandszoon was an 18th century geographer, who was teacher in Oudewater at a very young age. He developed a practical atlas.

Hendrik Lorentz, early in the 19th century, led two expeditions to New Guinea (present Irian Jaja) and wrote beautifully edited books about his travels.

Well-known Oudewater men in politics and religion

Jacobus Arminius was the intellectual leader of the Remonstranten, a religious section at the beginning of the 17th century, during the 80 years war. His difference of opinion with his opponent Gomarus had lasting effects on the development of the reformation in the Netherlands.

Well-known Oudewater men in art and literature

Gerard David (1460 – 1523), born in Oudewater, raised to fame as a painter in Bruges (Flanders, Belgium) . He is one of the ‘Vlaamse Primitieven’ (=Flemish Primitives), the painters from the heyday of prosperity and wealth in Flanders.

Herman de Man was a prolific writer (1898 – 1946) describing the daily life in Oudewater and the region. One of his best known books is ‘Het wassende water’ (Water in spate), on which story a film was based.

Well-known Oudewater people today

Jan Montyn (1924) made a hectic start in life, but became a well-known painter.

John Spek (1950), also a  pictorial artist, merits to be included in this list.

A well-known TV personality in Oudewater is Johan Derksen, sports journalist and an authority on contemporary blues and jazz music.

Gert Koffeman is a well known politician (Christian democrats)

But there are more: In sports, we know Donny de Groot, who played football for several Dutch and international teams.
Koert Westerman is known to insiders as a sports journalist.