City of Oudewater

Discover Oudewater – how it originated

Oudewater came to live in a place where the Hollandse Ijssel river and the Linschoten rivulet meet. When exactly the first settlement came, is not known , and the origin of the name Oudewater is also not clear.  An interpretation is that Oudewater is a corruption of ‘Old river forelands’

Discover Oudewater – the present

Present Oudewater is a modern, live community with a weak spot for its history and a clear eye on the future. The municipality of Oudewater has 9859 residents, living in Oudewater itself and a couple of villages around: Snelrewaard, Papekop and Hekendorp. Oudewater itself has about 7000 citizens.
If you want to know more about the Oudewater municipality  you can visit ‘Stadsgids van Oudewater’ (= Guide for Oudewater), with all information about the council, social care, organisations  and associations. The Oudewater city municipality website gives the whole lot.

Discover Oudewater – 750 year city rights

In 2015 Oudewater celebrates the fact that 750 years ago it became a city. The ‘tear of festivities’ is in full swing, and so far it has been an unforgettable succession of festivities. For all information, see the site of the ‘Stichting Oudewater 750 jaar Stad’ (= foundation Oudewater 750 years city rights).