Sailing to Oudewater

Many boat owners and tourists visit Oudewater by boat. The Hollandse IJssel river (between Utrecht and Gouda) brings them there. Once moored, the city centre is just a 5 minute walk. See ‘bereikbaarheid’ (= accessibility) for the places you are permitted to moor. There are supermarkets in Oudewater, you can have a city tour and have a drink on one of the many terraces!

Sailing in Oudewater – experience the Green Heart by barge

Since 2012 one can have a historical ‘Grachtenvaert’ (= Canal cruise) or a unique cruise beyond the locks (Schutvaert). We recently added an exclusive ‘Avondvaert’ (= Evening cruise) on the Hollandse Ijssel to Montfoort, sister city on the river.
Discovering Oudewater and its environment form the water is a unique experience and adds a special dimension to your visit. Guides on the cruise will tell you lots of particulars and interesting tidbits. Departure of the cruises is opposite the Tourist Information Point where the cruises can be booked. For more information see: ‘Rondvaart Oudewater’.

Boat rental in Oudewater

With its many waterways nearby, like the Hollandse IJssel river, the Lange Linschoten river, the Vlist river, the Reeuwijkse plassen (= lakes at Reeuwijk) Oudewater is a perfect place to start boat excursions and water sports fun. Boats, barges, sloops and canoes may be rented for discovery from the water.

Boats for rent at the following addresses

Hotel Abrona

Broeckerstraat 20
3421 BL Oudewater
+31 (0)348 567466

Kanocentrum Haastrecht

kano- en fietsverhuur
Hoogstraat 10
2851 BG Haastrecht
+31 (0)182 502245

Verhuurbedrijf Rosenboom

kano- en fluisterbotenverhuur
Benedeneind Zuidzijde 279
3405 CJ Benschop
+31 (0)345 503944

Rederij De Vrijheid

sloep- en rondvaartbotenverhuur
Noord IJsselkade 17
3421 BD Oudewater
(06) 30154912