Walking in Oudewater

Walking in Oudewater

A city tour will show you the best spots with splendid medieval mansions, nice views and a cosy market place with its many terraces. A tour with a guide may show you the very best places, with the guide telling you about past and present of Oudewater and its citizens.

Walking around Oudewater

An organised walk in the countryside (Struinen en Vorsen = Nosey in Nature) through pastures in our agrarian scenery is an event on its own. A choice of small-scale activities like cheese making and basket making may be visited along the road.

Walking in the Green Heart

There are various interesting trails around Oudewater. One of these is the Floris V trail from Woerden through Oudewater to Gouda. Either direction takes you along the oldest (early medieval) tracks in this part of the Netherlands in which history and nature touch the senses. The Green Heart oxygenises the big cities in the Netherlands, and is an oasis of tranquillity for all walkers.