Taste in Oudewater

Go for a drink or a meal?

What’s a city without good food and beverage? Oudewater has quite a number of good and recommendable restaurants. On the marketplace there is a choice of restaurants, cafés and pubs. When weather co-operates, the marketplace is covered with terraces and one has to search for empty seats. There are some excellent restaurants in the near vicinity of Oudewater.

Opposite the Tourist Information Point is Roberto’s Ice cream Parlour, a phenomenon with walkers and cyclists from all directions coming for one of Roberto’s ice cream specialties. With a view on the marketplace and the canal under a friendly sun one may have a great time enjoying an ice cream.

Just outside Oudewater, on the North side of the river ‘Lange Linschoten’, ‘theetuin De Kwakel’ (= tea garden ‘De Kwakel’) offers tea and coffee with homemade pastry.rt.

Regional products from Oudewater

Enjoy Oudewater’s regional and local products. The ‘Waards Rund’ (= cattle from the ‘Waard’) is raised locally, and served on the menu of several restaurants in Oudewater. Just outside Oudewater along the road from Oudewater to Driebruggen one will find dairy farm ‘De Ruyge Weyde. Here the local ‘Ruygenthaler’. Several Dutch cheeses are available at cheese shop ‘t Kaasmeisje’.

The baker , butcher and the candy shop selling local delicacies with poetic names such as Geelbuikjes (Yellow Bellies) and Oudewater kus (kiss).

Culinary city tour of Oudewater

A culinary city tour in Oudewater is a pleasant and tasty offer. ‘Steps and Bites’ means excellent food in recommendable restaurants and walks in  between with a skilled guide.

The programme may be found under ‘Arrangements’