Regional products from Oudewater

Oudewater offers tasty regional products. Stijnman’s bakery for instance makes ‘Geelbuikjes’ (= Yellow bellies), a cookie with yellow glazing. The name has its origin in the rope industry, when the fibres to twine rope were would around the belly of the rope maker, leaving a yellow colouring on their skin. Stijnmans’ bakery has hand made confectionery with a melodious name: ‘Oudewaterse Kus’ (= a kiss from Oudewater).

Enchanting Oudewater confectionery

Hocus Pocus sweets is an old Dutch sweets shop right in the  centre of the city, offering enchanting dainties, like chocolates, hand made cream truffles, syrup soldiers, liquorice thumbs, raspberry drops, cinnamon sticks and lots more. Want to return to past times and enjoy? Then visit Hocus Pocus to taste these Oudewater sweets.

Cheeses from the Green Heart

The love for special regional cheeses from the Green Heart is the central theme in cheese shop ‘t Kaasmeisje’ in the Leeuweringer straat 28 in Oudewater. On its shelves one will find a choice of regional and hand made cheeses like Gouda, Romero, Ruygenthaler, Green Heart cheese, Hariette’s goat cheese, Lime tree truffle, Blue de Graven, Lady Blue, Eigewijz, Frisian cloves, Fire Red and Le Petit Doruvael, a locally well-known red bacterial cheese developed by the shopkeepers’ parents.